Spring Equinox Full Moon Action Plan


Tune and change the world!

Connect with a global network of positive people who care about the health and success of humanity.  This is for all humans of any age. You can join on your own, with a group, or online through the Global Coherence Initiative.  It is free and simple to do.

Why it matters:

The global network of positivity combined with the energetic forces of the full moon and the spring equinox creates a matrix of energetic potential for all life on Earth.  The larger the network on Earth, the greater potential for positive creation we have. We are intending and manifesting our new world of global health and prosperity into place.

When it matters:

You can harness the energy of the full moon and equinox on your own for several days before and after, but the energy is the highest at the peak moment.  The moon is full at 8:42 pm Central Daylight Time in the USA.  To find your own full moon time go here: https://www.moongiant.com/moonphases/march/2019/

Spend 33 minutes (or more) engaged in your full moon activity.  Why 33? It is a magic number in numerology.

Easy action to take:

Join the party!  We are all going anyway.  The addition of your being will only help.  

During the full moon take time to imagine how your life can be awesome in the coming days and years.  Have gratitude for the life we live and air we breathe. Be thankful of what you have and ask for more with positivity in your heart.

To easily join the global network focusing on a positive future for Earth, pick one:

  1. Jump online with the Global Coherence Initiative: Full Moon Care Focus
  2. Hang out by yourself and meditate
  3. Be with a group of friends and view the moon, dreaming of your adventures and successes to come
  4. Join with more spiritual intention through insight from these folks: The Earth Plan or Aluna Joy Yaxkin

What happens on the 2019 Spring Equinox Full Moon?

The astrological stage is set for Earth and all of us aboard to have an incredibly successful century.  The alignment of the cosmos on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 (an 8 day btw) is like a cosmic trampoline for us in the 3rd dimension.  For more information on what is happening on earth right now – behind the scenes that no one talks about in the news – you might start by reading this article on ascension.  We live in amazing times, foretold by teachers since the dawn of man! 

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the equi-lunar energy!

illustration of moon showing during sunset


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