13 Helpful Hints for 21st Century Humans

Hello fellow travelers!  I have been searching for some meaning in this very confusing life and I have realized that our answer lies at the intersection of science, religion, and ancient knowledge:

We are here to grow, be happy, and do so together when we can.  

The rest is the nitty and often gritty details.  Too simple? I thought so at first, but if you focus on these 3 things you will actually accomplish so much more in your life.

I am building some useful products and writing a few books to show you more about the simplicity with which we can embrace reality, become aware of who we are inside, and create the awesome, happy world that we all really want to live in.

To give you a base to work from, I offer some thoughts – helpful hints,if you will – which might help you engage the world we find ourselves in today:

13 Helpful Hints for 21st Century Humans

  1. You are incredible.  Seriously, you have been created as incredible. Realize how complex and fantastic our bodies are. Know that you have a super-computer in your mind.  Believe in yourself as a powerful, purposeful creation. Everyone has talents and special traits, gifts that are unique to them.  Find your special power.
  2. Your Brain is a tool.  Like a hard drive it can be programmed, but there is a lot of pre-programming which is hardwired.  Think of your breath, heartbeat, and the blinking of your eye as the wind comes by. The network of nerves which tell us tales of pain from an incredible array of sensors on every inch of our cellular structure.  Mitochondria in cells smaller than we can imagine acting as energy-reactors to promote growth and development. All this occurs without any thought from you. Similarly, we are trained on many levels and a great deal of training was unconsciously imprinted on us in our early years.  We often run programs in our head which are outdated and should be upgraded.
  3. Emotions are the key.  Learn about yourself and learn about emotions.  Mastery of emotions is not the goal. Flowing with and adjusting your emotions and outlook so that you are in a positive and beneficial mindset about your existence at the moment is the optimum activity.  All aspects of life will happen well when flowing with well-adjusting emotions.  Gentle practice of embracing and navigating negative emotions trains you to come back to positive emotions faster.
  4. Learn something every day.  Consider how it is applicable in all areas of your life: mind, body, and spirit.  Over time, take note of the path which you have created, the genre or collaborative characteristics of your studies.  Find the commonality and you will find a passion to follow and grow in. Learning causes growth inside you and your supercomputer-brain.  You will find incredible talents inside yourself as you grow.
  5. Everyone else is just like you and deserves equal respect.  All of us manifest differently and have our own assets and hurdles.  Circumstances are only that, not declaration of better or worse.
  6. Circumstances are like the challenges in a video or board game.  The goal of the game is to overcome the challenges and reach victory.  Victory = Joy. Consider the goal of your circumstances to be Joy-full.  Winning is only momentary and winning at others expense is not a win-win situation.
  7. Everything is frequency (vibration) and momentum (force).  Theory no more, the science supports ancient understandings of existence.  Go out and resonate with someone. Amplify your body with exercise. Spread some good vibrations! 
  8. Life is about growth and expansion.  Think of a plant and the natural progression of its daily stretch to the light.  We are similar animated creations with similar, simple directions for life.
  9. Learn and grow in joyful mental state.  Enjoy the miracle of our life, find things to be joyful about and to be grateful for.  It is more fun when you believe you are having fun, not processing a to-do list for life.
  10. Be grateful for the opportunity to be here in this plentiful miracle.  Consider the miracle of your being and the universe in all its glory.  Despite the seeming chaos and confusion in the world, this miraculous experience we call life is made for all of us to enjoy together.  There is plenty if we collaborate with all resources efficiently and with love in heart and mind.
  11. Be peaceful in your beliefs and let others be peaceful in their beliefs.  By declaring someone else’s beliefs or thoughts wrong, by judging, you block yourself from joy and expansion.  If you can judge, they can judge also and then who is to say who is right? Where are joy and growth in judgement?
  12. If you experience it, you asked for it or needed it in your life.  There is always an opportunity or a lesson in front of you.  A lesson is also an opportunity to learn, so it seems that life is only offering opportunities.  Seize one that sounds fun, then another, and keep choosing the beneficial ones you encounter.
  13. Trust, have faith that it will turn out good.  Optimism is healthy for incredible, supercomputer-brained, growing miracle organisms.  Optimism enables you to spend your time here full of joy!

More to come soon.  Enjoy witnessing this miraculous place in this amazing time.

Let me know in the comments if this rings true for you or if you have suggestions for additional helpful hints for us 21st century humans!

Have a great day out there!

David the Guide

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