The Interchi Project

The Interchi Sculpture and Global Initiative are explained in a working brief that can be viewed here: Interchi Project Brief.

Please note that on 8-21-2019 I changed the name of the project to Interchi Sculpture from Interface Sculpture due to other artists using this name for their work.  I will revise all the drawings for the Interchi name and reissue this information.


The Interchi Sculpture and global initiative are developed to connect people and planet through awareness of metaphysics to improve the state of vibrational being in this area of the universe.  This will be done by adorning the planet with Interchi Sculptures to enlarge and enhance the grounding area of the Earth’s energetic field so as to harmonize and balance the waveform emissions of satellites, Wi-Fi, electrical lines, electronics, and broadcasting devices of all kinds.

1 Interface Artist Rendering

The Interchi Sculptures and related products will be produced for sale to the general public for installation in their personal areas.  They will also be customized for installation in public areas and in conjunction with private commercial development. The project will be expanded over time to engage a global community of “Interface” builders through online presence, open source concepts, and DIY challenges.

The Interchi concept and initiative is developed to create planet-friendly, positive lifestyle through practical application of metaphysical interconnection in the design and development of our built environments.  The development of this concept and devices will conjunct and support investigation and proving of scientific evidence for the vibrational, quantum universe and waveform interaction which will enable greater scope of innovation in all areas of industry.

4 Interface Project Design Detail Assembly Layout

Interchi Sculptures are alchemical exchanges between Earth and Sky Chi (energy) centered in a 3D matrix of metaphysically active materials arranged in sacred geometric alignment.  The creation of the pieces will include intention and effort on quantum energetic levels.

Some objectives in the mass production of these sculptures are:

  1. Create attractive, affordable products with planet-friendly methods and materials
  2. Establish income streams for local craftspeople and energetic practitioners  
  3. Divert waste streams of small scrap metal and minerals to create components
  4. Disseminate the good news of positive metaphysical progress on Earth and for all humankind
  5. Join humanity in common understanding of the full-spectrum human and our role in existence


The macro view of the initiative involves diverting waste streams of mineral samples and scrap metals to create the components of the products.  Reclaimed or salvaged conductive metals will be sourced for components where possible.  

For initial models, off-the shelf products and dimensions will be used.  Material determination and procurement for mass production is TBD.

Component Composition

Air Fin: Conductive metals and non-metal materials will be investigated for design potential.  Copper sheet or coil stock will be used to create the first models. 3d printing will be adapted to create patented composite and conductive resin blend.  Other patented designs and products will be developed. 

Resin Base: Acrylic clear or colored resin, product TBD

Inlay Conductive Layers: Conductive metals and non-metal materials will be investigated for design potential.  Copper wire will be used to create first models.

Inlay Mineral Layers: Quartz and minerals will be arranged in a layer between inlay conductive layers.

Ground Stake: Conductive metals and non-metal materials will be investigated for design potential.  Copper or aluminum shaft will be used to create the first models.


The initial sculptures will be hand made or created using a hand-designed break, molds, and hand soldering.  Production methods like 3D printing and other casting will be investigated during product development.

Component Construction and Assembly

Air Fin: Bend the sheet stock using a specially designed break.  May be possible to 3D print extrusion of spiral out of copper/acrylic mixture.  Must investigate compounds for conductivity.

Trough: Copper or other conductive material which can be soldered using common, inexpensive means.  Formed by press, bending, or 3D printing.

Inlay Top and Bottom: Heavy Gauge copper wire or other conductive material is bent into the shape by hand or 3D printed in shape.  Pieces are tack-soldered together and layered into the mold for the creation of the Resin Base.

Inlay Minerals: Arrange by hand the various minerals available, creating a pattern of shape, color, or type of stone.  

Ground Stake Screw Base: Arrange by hand in the creation of the resin base.

Resin Base: Trough, Inlay Top, Inlay Minerals, Inlay Bottom, and Ground Stake Screw Base are stacked into the mold.  Acrylic resin or other product TBD is poured into mold, creating solid object when cooled to touch.

Air Fin to Resin Base: Air Fin is inserted into trough, then soldered on both sides of the find so that secure bonding occurs.

Ground Stake to Resin Base: Insert Ground Stake screw threads into base and turn until finger tight

Install Interchi in Earth: Choose location, hold device straight up and down, gently press device into earth being careful to stop if you hit anything.  Continue gentle, firm pressure until the Resin Base rests on the ground. When in areas where underground utilities are, contact the appropriate Dig-Rite group to have the utilities labeled so that no harm occurs


The Interchi Sculpture is to be used indoors or out.  Inside, it is a beautiful addition to your home and can be used on any flat surface with the ground stake removed from the base.

5 Interface Shelf and Garden Image

Outside, the Interchi Sculpture is plugged into the ground on the ground stake.  It may be beneficial to locate an area of concentrated Earth Field in which to place the sculpture.  The device may be used to beautify an area of the landscape or it may create a rejuvenating effect in a troubled area of the garden.

The sculptures will be made in a Fibonacci sequence of total length:

  • Small Interface Sculpture: 36” ish = 24” above surface, 12” below
  • Garden Interface Sculpture: 60” ish = 36” above surface, 24” below
  • Large Interface Sculpture: 96” ish = 60” above surface, 36” below

The Garden and Large Sculptures would come with multiple lengths of ground stakes to accommodate customer location and soil variations.  The stake can be installed by pushing it into the ground before attaching the sculpture or when the sculpture and stake are assembled. All ground stakes will attach by screwing into the base and will come with instructions for installation.

A 21’ sculpture will be installed in a public park area.  The first of a series of global installations, the Extra-Large Interchi Sculpture will introduce a grounding system in the surrounding landscape design.  Experiments and additional global intentions will be introduced with this public installation.


3 Interface on Lay Line Comic

The Interchi Sculpture has been likened to an acupuncture needle, drawing the energies of the Earth and Sky together in the creation of a harmonious, balanced vibrational waveform.  By installing the sculptures of various sizes around the planet we may be able to counteract the barrage of electrical frequency emissions which are filling the space in which we live.


The Interchi Sculpture will be packaged in sustainably created and sourced materials such as cardboard and paper composites.  The diagram to the right shows the initial concept with the logo inspiration for the merged life symbols – spirals circumventing each other then tangentially separating.  The logo represents the Earth and Sky energy merging in the Interchi Sculpture. To keep with sustainability goals the packaging will use recyclable ink, represented by the brown and grey tones of the merged spiral design shown in the images.  

Creating the digital format of the logo coincided with the development of branding for Alternative Life Guide LLC with the logo the Alternative Life Guide name and an upwards arrow encompassed by a circle.  Initial colors used are Sky Blue for the lettering and a Orange-Red fade in the arrow and circle. Backgrounds will be black, white, and various colors for different applications.

The packaging shown is designed for the 36” model of the Interchi Sculpture.  The cardboard package is a rectangular box and is designed to be retained as a storage container for the sculpture when not in use.  The product is sealed in the box and a zip-pull releases a lid which is hinged on the long side of the box.

Creative Commons License

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