Like Acupuncture Needles for the Planet!

Hello Everyone! 

It is time for us all to cheer up and find the bright side.  I know that the planet is burning and that millions of people are without vital resources.  However, we can change, we are changing, and the faster everyone embraces the change the sooner we can flow into a healthier world and stronger, united humanity.

Too much to ask for?  Why? 

We all need to learn to ask for what we really want.  Discussing the matter on media brings awareness and empathy which is on the right track. The next steps are to grow inside individually and then effect change to grow the outside better. It works similarly to your body where internal healing occurs before the surface of the skin becomes well. There are many millions of people working every day to improve the quality of life on the planet for others.  We are doing great work as an evolving species and we will succeed in making Earth the perpetually sustainable, interconnected system based, paradise that we now understand our planet to be. We all need to realize our spot in the system and how beautiful a piece of the puzzle we are, each and every unique one of us. The point of life is to grow and thrive in this paradise on Earth. We can make that happen for everyone if we commit to a positive mindset and course of action!

An important part of growth is understanding your metaphysical existence.  This includes all religion and science. It is the in-between that many civilizations have passed down information about to us. It has to do with everything from atoms to galaxies and across the expanse of your imagination. Learn as much as you can for it is truly spectacular what a human being can be!  

We all need to learn to ask for what we really want.

Alternative Life Guide LLC will be helping everyone to understand the practical application of metaphysics in the days to come.  Today I am excited to introduce our Interchi Sculpture & Global Initiative!

The Interchi Sculpture merges Earth and Sky Chi in a 3D matrix to produce a field of beneficial energy.  Designed as large scale installations for parks and gathering areas, we will also be making small sculptures for your garden or interior art display.  Other products will follow along this line, but the installation of the sculptures around the planet will test a theory that I have about harmonizing our technology to create better health.

We may be encountering vast arrays of planetary change and human health impact because of the sheer volume of technology we have around us.  Cellular structures of lifeforms can withstand and perhaps thrive in a certain amount of electrical and magnetic emissions from everyday sources like power lines, Wi Fi, television, radio, or cell phones.  The truth is that everything is electrical on a level of interaction. Sometimes the electrical impulse gets too strong and the conductor burns up. The electronic and broadcast technology we love and that I use everyday may have adverse effects for a creature when exposed to the volume of outside waveforms over time.  Apparently Bees and other animals are affected in ways that science is studying. I think we are impacted also, but we can fix this and harmonize the waveform emissions so that they are not harmful.

If Earthing science shows that bioelectrical fields can be soothed, or harmonized, by exposure to the energy of the planet’s soil and interior, perhaps all electrical and technology generated waveforms can be harmonized so that the electromagnetic field and radiation produced is dampered or mitigated. 

Enter the Interchi! 

Welcome to the global initiative to balance the electromagnetic frequencies of the world so that we can have all the VR and WiFi connectivity we want without sacrificing our health. A TCM Doctor who read about my design commented that the Interchi Sculptures seem like acupunctures needles for the planet!

These sculptures, based on sacred geometry and ancient theories, will be installed in public spaces and made for you to purchase.  Our global mission is to also install an Interchi Sculpture on every layline intersection around the world. The Interchi Sculptures will brighten up your town square, a garden, or your living room. They are also intended to help you grow in understanding your connection to the world around you.  Other beneficial outcomes from the creation and installation of the Interchi are yet to be determined and we are excited to invite you to participate.

We invite you to join the community and our mission to harmonize the planet with Interchi Sculptures!  We need collaborators, contributors, investors, and general interest to gather feedback from. Please contact me if you want to know more about or participate in the creation of the Interface Sculpture and Global Initiative:

Perhaps all electrical and technology generated waveforms can be harmonized

A paper with more detail about the project is here: Interchi Sculpture & Global Initiative

My website, Alternative Life Guide, is here:
I welcome your feedback and connection!  We can change the world, together, for everyone!

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