About your Guide, David


I am so excited you are here today!  Thanks for being interested in my point of view.

I think many people are missing the beauty and awesomeness of the world we live in.  I know that crazy weather, money, how we look, and social/class-level are issues in everyone’s minds, and I empathize with those suffering all manner of affliction.  Despite the overwhelming perception that this planet and its population are suffering or declining, I happily declare that it has never been a better time to be alive!

Optimistic?  Heck, yeah!

Passionate in the knowledge that there is hope and opportunity for all of us to be well and happy?  You betcha!

Over the last 41 years I have been working to figure out the meaning of life and our purpose here, seeking to understand the whys and hows of our world.  Sounds crazy and boring?  Sometimes boring, sure.  Although for the most part, when I look back in some amazement that I survived, the journey has been fascinating, exhilarating, and sometimes utterly depressing.  I have insight into the underbelly and the heights of our civilization and I am dedicated to helping you see that you are the most powerful thing around in the coolest place this side of the third dimension, and continuing to remember my own power as I light the way ahead.  I am passionate about finding ways to empower ourselves and make a better existence for all.

Onward and forward with Joy!

David the Guide


Tips, Tools, and Tech for your 21st Century Abundance

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