Hello Fellow Travelers!

My name is David and I am a guide for you in the modern age on Earth. 

I come from a pretty normal suburban background and was loved as a child by my family but never quite fit in with my peers.  This often experienced separateness gave me point of view on the bigger scope of our world. 

Early in my life I realized that the reality presented by the society around me was not true in many ways.  People in leadership did not lead or broke rules that were harshly enforced on others, the institutions were not actually doing everything that they said they did, and money was shown to be the most important aspect of our world instead of love and community.  I knew this was not the whole story and set off to find out the rest.

I have been investigating the truths of life and the groups of people around the world who have studied it since we can remember.  This Earth is an amazing planet full of beautiful people, miraculous civilizations, and abundant possibilities which I will help you to see also!

My mission at Alternative Life Guide is to reconcile people and our planet through awareness of metaphysics to improve the state of vibrational being in this area of the universe.

Art installations, building systems, home products, published creative content, and project consultation services will be offered to enhance our experience by engaging the vibrational universe around us.

Come and join the evolution with me! Click on the button in the upper corner to join our circle and get updates as I add new information.

If you have questions about the 21st century, ascension, awakening, or personal development in general please send me a message in the contact page! I am happy to consider your thoughts and send mine or engage a conversation about the subjects.

Love, light, and blessings to you,

David the Guide