Civic Arts Development Corporation (CADC) is a community development corporation operating from Near-North St. Louis, Missouri, intentionally creating beneficial change in our region and beyond. The mission of Civic Arts Development Corporation is the integration of human and education re-development through the arts and sciences.

The corporation is founded to:

  • Revitalize the community through educational, scientific, and charitable development
  • Promote regional cultural and economic interconnectivity to improve the quality of life
  • Enable community development that is unbiased, a-political, for the benefit of humanity and Earth

With fundamentals of holism, sustainability, and the Beaux Arts & Sciences, Civic Arts Development Corporation is committed to develop:

  • Cultural arts campaigns and institutions
  • Affordable integrated experiences for the public
  • Community in the region
  • Sustainable and cooperatively driven education
  • Renaissance in public education curriculum
  • Training, business management, and consultation for cooperative organizations
  • Regional cultural and economic interconnectivity

The corporation is formed between our nonprofit and for profit entities with the community to develop a culture of arts and science education that supports the neighborhoods and the essence of our chosen projects and institutions.

The core founders and companies are:

  • Dail Chambers: House of Life Development, YeYo Arts Collective
  • David Hults: Alternative Life Guide LLC
  • Mark Pappas: Hyde Park Atelier of the Arts & Sciences

This concept and intention has been solidified April 2, 2020.

Civic Arts Development Corporation came into being in the State of Missouri on April 29, 2020. We are in the process of filing for the status of tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

If you would like to collaborate with us or to potentially make a donation, please contact us:

May 2020 Announcement:

We are excited to embark upon The North St. Louis Mindfulness Project this year with the Hyde Park Atelier of the Arts and Sciences! Our grateful thanks go to The Deaconess Foundation for funding this initiative for the positive wellbeing of North St. Louis and the world.

June 2020 Announcement

We will be kicking off The North St. Louis Mindfulness Project with a Summer Solstice meditation broadcast for free online.

September 2020 Announcement

CADC has applied for federal tax-exemption and awaits confirmation from the IRS. Our thanks go out to Sue Greenberg and Ken Konchel of Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts for their help in connecting us with legal representation. Special thank yous go to Jessica Quintero of Husch Blackwell, LLP for her time and effort in collaborating on the Form 1023 submission.

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