The Interchi Sculpture is a celebration of interconnection based on the Fibonacci spiral and sacred geometry. The sculpture will be made in sizes ranging from 1′ to 21′ based on the Fibonacci sequence. The Interchi Sculpture embraces the sky and plugs into the ground, merging the energies of both in a cast resin matrix of minerals and conductive metals. The Interchi is at once Art, Science, Culture, and Spirit. The Interchi Sculpture is developed to enhance the vital energy of our life, creating positivity and synergy to build a better world through the understanding that Earth is a collective, connected place.


  • Inspirational object of beauty
  • Invokes interconnection
  • Fuels awareness of Now


  • Explores concepts of earthing, electroculture, and vibrational science
  • Identifies components to build healthy technology
  • Explains function and relationship with humans and planet


  • Designed from antiquity using Fibonacci sequence and spiral
  • Honors native peoples of the world
  • Promotes concepts of global togetherness and connection


  • Represents female and male energies
  • Enjoins sky and ground to promote harmony
  • Honors ancient and modern beliefs

All of us are connected as humans in our civilization. We are rapidly learning about how we impact the natural world and why we must refurbish and keep it healthy. There is increasing scientific evidence of how humans are energetically connected to each other and the environment. The Interchi Sculpture engages this connectivity to boost the levels of beneficial Chi around us. 

The global initiative consists of Interchi Sculptures planted in public spaces and personal gardens. There are specific energetic points of the world which represent earth energies and spiritual focus points. By placing Interchi Sculptures in these areas and in communities around the world, we will experiment with creating a positive energetic effect in our environment. Along the way we will explore the frontiers of vibration science and electroculture farming.

The sculpture and initiative are committed to building a better world through promoting a unified and equal humankind in touch with all aspects of ourselves and our planet.

If you want to be part of this project or contribute feedback, please contact me at

Once you check out the links below, would you take a survey about the project? Click here:

Kick-Start 2020

January 31 – February 21 ONLY

A limited edition batch of 100 sculptures will be created this year, deliverable by July. Click the button below to see the Kickstarter campaign and to reserve your Interchi today!

Acupuncture for the Planet

The blog post and access to my working document on the Interchi is through this link:

We will test theories of vibrational science and electro-culture
Interchi Sculpture progression follows the Fibonacci Sequence
Workshop with display for pitch video production: Interchi Rough Model on glass stand with Resonance Art models
Garden Art to Heal the World

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