I am an Artist, embracing the true creative nature at my core. My childhood was full of art creation and writing but I chose other routes of career. In the 21st century I have steered home into my heart where I realize that I was on the right path the whole time.

Resonance Art is My Vibe

Inspired by experience with Crystal Resonance Therapy and studies of Chi, orgone, and metaphysics, I create pieces of what I call Resonance Art. Contact me to learn more about how this might resonate with your life!

Through the Interchi Sculpture and Global Initiative I explore the interconnection of life energy and planetary oneness. The devices will be available as personal art and public installations around the world. The goal of the Interchi is to unify our understanding of the collective nature of Life on Earth and perhaps create an acupuncture-like effect of harmonic ease in the planet based on the concepts of electro-culture farming.

Finding Perspectives

My dynamic path to now has crossed industries and enabled expanded perspective on the world and our interaction. I bring vision to projects that need order, and points of view on this miraculous world through my photography and digital art.

I am an Artist of many aspects, my work including creations of beauty and function from construction to hospitality, from design to community health.  Imagining and building things has long been a thread of my career experience. 

Today, I assist progressive projects to develop innovation through art and design, consultation, and customized management.

Presenting Conscious Change

We live in exciting times! Change-making projects and technology are sweeping the world to improve our lives for the better. My colleagues and I are creating ecovillages as 21st century building blocks for regenerative economies of compassionate community. Other local pioneers are creating massive change for individuals and their communities through mindful health education. I help these projects communicate their vision and purpose to collaborators, participants, and investors.

Solar Startup & Megawatts of Power

Design project roles have taken me into a variety of management situations such as designing brand identification and development of the drafting department in a startup solar business. 

Various solar arrays in Missouri

Over a period of service on the renewable energy frontier, I created upwards of 12,000,000 Watts of electrical generation. I lead a remote team of designers to create more than 1,000 solar installations. I jumped at the opportunity to build a series of carports which contained over a megawatt of power. During that stint I learned to fly a drone for photography and aerial system analysis.

Solar Carports at Commercial Complex
Camp buildings outside St. Louis
Making Images and Communication through All Kinds of Media!

Images for Attraction

Advertising and graphic design are part of all my endeavors. I am create influential images and layouts for print, digital, and multi-shape media

The Box is Where it’s At

Artful packaging is like a puzzle. I look forward to more opportunities to engage this industrial artform, particularly with the newest concepts in opening and recycled materials.

Interface was the original name of the Interchi Sculpture