Like Acupuncture Needles for the Planet!

Hello Everyone! 

It is time for us all to cheer up and find the bright side.  I know that the planet is burning and that millions of people are without vital resources.  However, we can change, we are changing, and the faster everyone embraces the change the sooner we can flow into a healthier world and stronger, united humanity.

Too much to ask for?  Why? 

We all need to learn to ask for what we really want.  Discussing the matter on media brings awareness and empathy which is on the right track. The next steps are to grow inside individually and then effect change to grow the outside better. It works similarly to your body where internal healing occurs before the surface of the skin becomes well. There are many millions of people working every day to improve the quality of life on the planet for others.  We are doing great work as an evolving species and we will succeed in making Earth the perpetually sustainable, interconnected system based, paradise that we now understand our planet to be. We all need to realize our spot in the system and how beautiful a piece of the puzzle we are, each and every unique one of us. The point of life is to grow and thrive in this paradise on Earth. We can make that happen for everyone if we commit to a positive mindset and course of action!

An important part of growth is understanding your metaphysical existence.  This includes all religion and science. It is the in-between that many civilizations have passed down information about to us. It has to do with everything from atoms to galaxies and across the expanse of your imagination. Learn as much as you can for it is truly spectacular what a human being can be!  

We all need to learn to ask for what we really want.

Alternative Life Guide LLC will be helping everyone to understand the practical application of metaphysics in the days to come.  Today I am excited to introduce our Interchi Sculpture & Global Initiative!

The Interchi Sculpture merges Earth and Sky Chi in a 3D matrix to produce a field of beneficial energy.  Designed as large scale installations for parks and gathering areas, we will also be making small sculptures for your garden or interior art display.  Other products will follow along this line, but the installation of the sculptures around the planet will test a theory that I have about harmonizing our technology to create better health.

We may be encountering vast arrays of planetary change and human health impact because of the sheer volume of technology we have around us.  Cellular structures of lifeforms can withstand and perhaps thrive in a certain amount of electrical and magnetic emissions from everyday sources like power lines, Wi Fi, television, radio, or cell phones.  The truth is that everything is electrical on a level of interaction. Sometimes the electrical impulse gets too strong and the conductor burns up. The electronic and broadcast technology we love and that I use everyday may have adverse effects for a creature when exposed to the volume of outside waveforms over time.  Apparently Bees and other animals are affected in ways that science is studying. I think we are impacted also, but we can fix this and harmonize the waveform emissions so that they are not harmful.

If Earthing science shows that bioelectrical fields can be soothed, or harmonized, by exposure to the energy of the planet’s soil and interior, perhaps all electrical and technology generated waveforms can be harmonized so that the electromagnetic field and radiation produced is dampered or mitigated. 

Enter the Interchi! 

Welcome to the global initiative to balance the electromagnetic frequencies of the world so that we can have all the VR and WiFi connectivity we want without sacrificing our health. A TCM Doctor who read about my design commented that the Interchi Sculptures seem like acupunctures needles for the planet!

These sculptures, based on sacred geometry and ancient theories, will be installed in public spaces and made for you to purchase.  Our global mission is to also install an Interchi Sculpture on every layline intersection around the world. The Interchi Sculptures will brighten up your town square, a garden, or your living room. They are also intended to help you grow in understanding your connection to the world around you.  Other beneficial outcomes from the creation and installation of the Interchi are yet to be determined and we are excited to invite you to participate.

We invite you to join the community and our mission to harmonize the planet with Interchi Sculptures!  We need collaborators, contributors, investors, and general interest to gather feedback from. Please contact me if you want to know more about or participate in the creation of the Interface Sculpture and Global Initiative:

Perhaps all electrical and technology generated waveforms can be harmonized

A paper with more detail about the project is here: Interchi Sculpture & Global Initiative

My website, Alternative Life Guide, is here:
I welcome your feedback and connection!  We can change the world, together, for everyone!

13 Helpful Hints for 21st Century Humans

Hello fellow travelers!  I have been searching for some meaning in this very confusing life and I have realized that our answer lies at the intersection of science, religion, and ancient knowledge:

We are here to grow, be happy, and do so together when we can.  

The rest is the nitty and often gritty details.  Too simple? I thought so at first, but if you focus on these 3 things you will actually accomplish so much more in your life.

I am building some useful products and writing a few books to show you more about the simplicity with which we can embrace reality, become aware of who we are inside, and create the awesome, happy world that we all really want to live in.

To give you a base to work from, I offer some thoughts – helpful hints,if you will – which might help you engage the world we find ourselves in today:

13 Helpful Hints for 21st Century Humans

  1. You are incredible.  Seriously, you have been created as incredible. Realize how complex and fantastic our bodies are. Know that you have a super-computer in your mind.  Believe in yourself as a powerful, purposeful creation. Everyone has talents and special traits, gifts that are unique to them.  Find your special power.
  2. Your Brain is a tool.  Like a hard drive it can be programmed, but there is a lot of pre-programming which is hardwired.  Think of your breath, heartbeat, and the blinking of your eye as the wind comes by. The network of nerves which tell us tales of pain from an incredible array of sensors on every inch of our cellular structure.  Mitochondria in cells smaller than we can imagine acting as energy-reactors to promote growth and development. All this occurs without any thought from you. Similarly, we are trained on many levels and a great deal of training was unconsciously imprinted on us in our early years.  We often run programs in our head which are outdated and should be upgraded.
  3. Emotions are the key.  Learn about yourself and learn about emotions.  Mastery of emotions is not the goal. Flowing with and adjusting your emotions and outlook so that you are in a positive and beneficial mindset about your existence at the moment is the optimum activity.  All aspects of life will happen well when flowing with well-adjusting emotions.  Gentle practice of embracing and navigating negative emotions trains you to come back to positive emotions faster.
  4. Learn something every day.  Consider how it is applicable in all areas of your life: mind, body, and spirit.  Over time, take note of the path which you have created, the genre or collaborative characteristics of your studies.  Find the commonality and you will find a passion to follow and grow in. Learning causes growth inside you and your supercomputer-brain.  You will find incredible talents inside yourself as you grow.
  5. Everyone else is just like you and deserves equal respect.  All of us manifest differently and have our own assets and hurdles.  Circumstances are only that, not declaration of better or worse.
  6. Circumstances are like the challenges in a video or board game.  The goal of the game is to overcome the challenges and reach victory.  Victory = Joy. Consider the goal of your circumstances to be Joy-full.  Winning is only momentary and winning at others expense is not a win-win situation.
  7. Everything is frequency (vibration) and momentum (force).  Theory no more, the science supports ancient understandings of existence.  Go out and resonate with someone. Amplify your body with exercise. Spread some good vibrations! 
  8. Life is about growth and expansion.  Think of a plant and the natural progression of its daily stretch to the light.  We are similar animated creations with similar, simple directions for life.
  9. Learn and grow in joyful mental state.  Enjoy the miracle of our life, find things to be joyful about and to be grateful for.  It is more fun when you believe you are having fun, not processing a to-do list for life.
  10. Be grateful for the opportunity to be here in this plentiful miracle.  Consider the miracle of your being and the universe in all its glory.  Despite the seeming chaos and confusion in the world, this miraculous experience we call life is made for all of us to enjoy together.  There is plenty if we collaborate with all resources efficiently and with love in heart and mind.
  11. Be peaceful in your beliefs and let others be peaceful in their beliefs.  By declaring someone else’s beliefs or thoughts wrong, by judging, you block yourself from joy and expansion.  If you can judge, they can judge also and then who is to say who is right? Where are joy and growth in judgement?
  12. If you experience it, you asked for it or needed it in your life.  There is always an opportunity or a lesson in front of you.  A lesson is also an opportunity to learn, so it seems that life is only offering opportunities.  Seize one that sounds fun, then another, and keep choosing the beneficial ones you encounter.
  13. Trust, have faith that it will turn out good.  Optimism is healthy for incredible, supercomputer-brained, growing miracle organisms.  Optimism enables you to spend your time here full of joy!

More to come soon.  Enjoy witnessing this miraculous place in this amazing time.

Let me know in the comments if this rings true for you or if you have suggestions for additional helpful hints for us 21st century humans!

Have a great day out there!

David the Guide

The Interchi Project

The Interchi Sculpture and Global Initiative are explained in a working brief that can be viewed here: Interchi Project Brief.

Please note that on 8-21-2019 I changed the name of the project to Interchi Sculpture from Interface Sculpture due to other artists using this name for their work.  I will revise all the drawings for the Interchi name and reissue this information.


The Interchi Sculpture and global initiative are developed to connect people and planet through awareness of metaphysics to improve the state of vibrational being in this area of the universe.  This will be done by adorning the planet with Interchi Sculptures to enlarge and enhance the grounding area of the Earth’s energetic field so as to harmonize and balance the waveform emissions of satellites, Wi-Fi, electrical lines, electronics, and broadcasting devices of all kinds.

1 Interface Artist Rendering

The Interchi Sculptures and related products will be produced for sale to the general public for installation in their personal areas.  They will also be customized for installation in public areas and in conjunction with private commercial development. The project will be expanded over time to engage a global community of “Interface” builders through online presence, open source concepts, and DIY challenges.

The Interchi concept and initiative is developed to create planet-friendly, positive lifestyle through practical application of metaphysical interconnection in the design and development of our built environments.  The development of this concept and devices will conjunct and support investigation and proving of scientific evidence for the vibrational, quantum universe and waveform interaction which will enable greater scope of innovation in all areas of industry.

4 Interface Project Design Detail Assembly Layout

Interchi Sculptures are alchemical exchanges between Earth and Sky Chi (energy) centered in a 3D matrix of metaphysically active materials arranged in sacred geometric alignment.  The creation of the pieces will include intention and effort on quantum energetic levels.

Some objectives in the mass production of these sculptures are:

  1. Create attractive, affordable products with planet-friendly methods and materials
  2. Establish income streams for local craftspeople and energetic practitioners  
  3. Divert waste streams of small scrap metal and minerals to create components
  4. Disseminate the good news of positive metaphysical progress on Earth and for all humankind
  5. Join humanity in common understanding of the full-spectrum human and our role in existence


The macro view of the initiative involves diverting waste streams of mineral samples and scrap metals to create the components of the products.  Reclaimed or salvaged conductive metals will be sourced for components where possible.  

For initial models, off-the shelf products and dimensions will be used.  Material determination and procurement for mass production is TBD.

Component Composition

Air Fin: Conductive metals and non-metal materials will be investigated for design potential.  Copper sheet or coil stock will be used to create the first models. 3d printing will be adapted to create patented composite and conductive resin blend.  Other patented designs and products will be developed. 

Resin Base: Acrylic clear or colored resin, product TBD

Inlay Conductive Layers: Conductive metals and non-metal materials will be investigated for design potential.  Copper wire will be used to create first models.

Inlay Mineral Layers: Quartz and minerals will be arranged in a layer between inlay conductive layers.

Ground Stake: Conductive metals and non-metal materials will be investigated for design potential.  Copper or aluminum shaft will be used to create the first models.


The initial sculptures will be hand made or created using a hand-designed break, molds, and hand soldering.  Production methods like 3D printing and other casting will be investigated during product development.

Component Construction and Assembly

Air Fin: Bend the sheet stock using a specially designed break.  May be possible to 3D print extrusion of spiral out of copper/acrylic mixture.  Must investigate compounds for conductivity.

Trough: Copper or other conductive material which can be soldered using common, inexpensive means.  Formed by press, bending, or 3D printing.

Inlay Top and Bottom: Heavy Gauge copper wire or other conductive material is bent into the shape by hand or 3D printed in shape.  Pieces are tack-soldered together and layered into the mold for the creation of the Resin Base.

Inlay Minerals: Arrange by hand the various minerals available, creating a pattern of shape, color, or type of stone.  

Ground Stake Screw Base: Arrange by hand in the creation of the resin base.

Resin Base: Trough, Inlay Top, Inlay Minerals, Inlay Bottom, and Ground Stake Screw Base are stacked into the mold.  Acrylic resin or other product TBD is poured into mold, creating solid object when cooled to touch.

Air Fin to Resin Base: Air Fin is inserted into trough, then soldered on both sides of the find so that secure bonding occurs.

Ground Stake to Resin Base: Insert Ground Stake screw threads into base and turn until finger tight

Install Interchi in Earth: Choose location, hold device straight up and down, gently press device into earth being careful to stop if you hit anything.  Continue gentle, firm pressure until the Resin Base rests on the ground. When in areas where underground utilities are, contact the appropriate Dig-Rite group to have the utilities labeled so that no harm occurs


The Interchi Sculpture is to be used indoors or out.  Inside, it is a beautiful addition to your home and can be used on any flat surface with the ground stake removed from the base.

5 Interface Shelf and Garden Image

Outside, the Interchi Sculpture is plugged into the ground on the ground stake.  It may be beneficial to locate an area of concentrated Earth Field in which to place the sculpture.  The device may be used to beautify an area of the landscape or it may create a rejuvenating effect in a troubled area of the garden.

The sculptures will be made in a Fibonacci sequence of total length:

  • Small Interface Sculpture: 36” ish = 24” above surface, 12” below
  • Garden Interface Sculpture: 60” ish = 36” above surface, 24” below
  • Large Interface Sculpture: 96” ish = 60” above surface, 36” below

The Garden and Large Sculptures would come with multiple lengths of ground stakes to accommodate customer location and soil variations.  The stake can be installed by pushing it into the ground before attaching the sculpture or when the sculpture and stake are assembled. All ground stakes will attach by screwing into the base and will come with instructions for installation.

A 21’ sculpture will be installed in a public park area.  The first of a series of global installations, the Extra-Large Interchi Sculpture will introduce a grounding system in the surrounding landscape design.  Experiments and additional global intentions will be introduced with this public installation.


3 Interface on Lay Line Comic

The Interchi Sculpture has been likened to an acupuncture needle, drawing the energies of the Earth and Sky together in the creation of a harmonious, balanced vibrational waveform.  By installing the sculptures of various sizes around the planet we may be able to counteract the barrage of electrical frequency emissions which are filling the space in which we live.


The Interchi Sculpture will be packaged in sustainably created and sourced materials such as cardboard and paper composites.  The diagram to the right shows the initial concept with the logo inspiration for the merged life symbols – spirals circumventing each other then tangentially separating.  The logo represents the Earth and Sky energy merging in the Interchi Sculpture. To keep with sustainability goals the packaging will use recyclable ink, represented by the brown and grey tones of the merged spiral design shown in the images.  

Creating the digital format of the logo coincided with the development of branding for Alternative Life Guide LLC with the logo the Alternative Life Guide name and an upwards arrow encompassed by a circle.  Initial colors used are Sky Blue for the lettering and a Orange-Red fade in the arrow and circle. Backgrounds will be black, white, and various colors for different applications.

The packaging shown is designed for the 36” model of the Interchi Sculpture.  The cardboard package is a rectangular box and is designed to be retained as a storage container for the sculpture when not in use.  The product is sealed in the box and a zip-pull releases a lid which is hinged on the long side of the box.

Creative Commons License

Interchi Sculpture and Global Movement by David Hults is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


Spring Equinox Full Moon Action Plan


Tune and change the world!

Connect with a global network of positive people who care about the health and success of humanity.  This is for all humans of any age. You can join on your own, with a group, or online through the Global Coherence Initiative.  It is free and simple to do.

Why it matters:

The global network of positivity combined with the energetic forces of the full moon and the spring equinox creates a matrix of energetic potential for all life on Earth.  The larger the network on Earth, the greater potential for positive creation we have. We are intending and manifesting our new world of global health and prosperity into place.

When it matters:

You can harness the energy of the full moon and equinox on your own for several days before and after, but the energy is the highest at the peak moment.  The moon is full at 8:42 pm Central Daylight Time in the USA.  To find your own full moon time go here:

Spend 33 minutes (or more) engaged in your full moon activity.  Why 33? It is a magic number in numerology.

Easy action to take:

Join the party!  We are all going anyway.  The addition of your being will only help.  

During the full moon take time to imagine how your life can be awesome in the coming days and years.  Have gratitude for the life we live and air we breathe. Be thankful of what you have and ask for more with positivity in your heart.

To easily join the global network focusing on a positive future for Earth, pick one:

  1. Jump online with the Global Coherence Initiative: Full Moon Care Focus
  2. Hang out by yourself and meditate
  3. Be with a group of friends and view the moon, dreaming of your adventures and successes to come
  4. Join with more spiritual intention through insight from these folks: The Earth Plan or Aluna Joy Yaxkin

What happens on the 2019 Spring Equinox Full Moon?

The astrological stage is set for Earth and all of us aboard to have an incredibly successful century.  The alignment of the cosmos on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 (an 8 day btw) is like a cosmic trampoline for us in the 3rd dimension.  For more information on what is happening on earth right now – behind the scenes that no one talks about in the news – you might start by reading this article on ascension.  We live in amazing times, foretold by teachers since the dawn of man! 

Have a beautiful day and enjoy the equi-lunar energy!

illustration of moon showing during sunset


Grounding and Earthing for All

I have been concerned about electro-magentic frequency and the effects on our bodies for some time now.  I have been collecting information for an article about this but so many other people have done excellent research and writing already.  A great blogpost on this is by Katie Wells on her Wellness Mama website:

I have found many items to mitigate EMF in your home and encourage you to look up EMF protection on Amazon or your favorite online retailer.  During my investigation I have tried several methods of EMF protection and enjoy the small sticker pads you can put on your cell phone.  I have not had a headache from my cell phone since I put the sticker on it.  I also have them on my laptop and monitors at my desk.

A favorite EMF protection method of mine is orgonite.  This incredible material made from a mix of resin, minerals, metals, and other possibly metaphysical items is not only decorative, but the objects act like little waterfalls.  The device cleans the energy of the area in which it sits, so the theory goes.  I will ratify the theory through personal example: my house feels light and comfortable with orgonite in key areas, I am deeply calmed after holding a piece of orgonite for a short period of time, and life feels easier and happier in general since I started my collection of orgonite.  Crystals are excellent for this also, but that is another article!

A really good but short explanation can be found on Karin’s website, Orgonise Yourself:

What can we do to mitigate this on a massive level in our communities, the buildings and homes we occupy for so much of our day?  As a construction contractor for a long portion of my career, I understand, to the wire and junction box, how much electrical emission is around us every moment of every day (unless you live in the boonies or happen to be hiking in the woods, even then you probably still have a cell phone in your pocket).  The concept of the electro-magnetic assault on us is quite overwhelming.

A flash of brilliance occurred one day as I mused on the electrical mess in which we live.  What if we connected a secondary ground wire to the building  which was not charged with electricity?  Would it absorb the EMF from the electrical system?  What if we made a really big ground rod, would this create a really big absorption of the EMF?  How about if we located the really big ground rod in a key spot where we found concentrated Earth Energy?  Feng Shui and divining have been around for ages, and they can find energy flows under the earth.  Using this to site the ground rod might allow for a greater Earth Energy to flow in the secondary ground wire – system actually – which will run into the building and then parallel the normal electrical system.  Would this work?

We need to test this theory and I hope you will aid my quest by contributing ideas about how to measure frequency (Hz) levels in the human body and area around it.  In the meantime, I needed to protect this idea so that no entity can take it away.  To this end I wrote a summary of my ideas which I hope others will build on and further the application of this in our world.  I have published it in the Creative Commons ( and sent it to industry influencers for consideration.  The text of the summary follows my article.

I hope that everyone on this planet can use the concepts of Grounding, Earthing, and a secondary ground system to mitigate EMF.  This concept could save the health and welfare of the entire planet and we should all embrace the knowledge that we are on the earth and of the earth.  The connection with the ground is vital and it can be used to heal our communities, create better spaces to be in, and revitalize the energy of the world.

Creative Commons License

Grounding and Earthing for All: Earth-energy connected Secondary Ground System may mitigate electro-magnetic frequency in areas of electrical installation; This concept and subsequent development of applications, ideas, and products is available to use publicly and privately for all time by David Benjamin Hults is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at


Grounding and Earthing for All: Earth-energy connected Secondary Ground System may mitigate electro-magnetic frequency in areas of electrical installation; This concept and subsequent development of applications, ideas, and products is available to use publicly and privately for all time 

By David B. Hults

This is written to ensure that the technology or theories of Grounding, or Earthing, will always and forever be able to be used by all people.  The applications of secondary grounding system, sculptural grounding items, sacred geometry designs in public areas, interconnection of grounding systems through the community, and any other related concept will always be open for use.  People can engage this technology and theory to create products, innovations, and industry.  The science, theory, and application of Grounding and Earthing will never be restricted by patents or entities public and private.

Human bodies are bio-electrical systems.  High levels of electro-magnetic frequency are hazardous to humans.  All electrical devices and wires create some level of electro-magnetic output.  Civilization is increasing the use of electricity around the world.  Most devices, including automobiles and industrial technology, are becoming electricity-powered.  To mitigate the devastating effects of this electromagnetic assault on our bioelectrical bodies we must install a balancing, secondary grounding system through our personal and public spaces.

Standard electrical installation in construction is at one point or another grounded to the earth.  There is a flow of electricity, sending current to power engines and devices.  This electrical flow creates the electromagnetic frequency, and the rate of flow (frequency in Hz) corresponds with intensity of the electromagnetic frequency.  The theoretical concept we will test is that a secondary, separate grounding system combined with geometric and mineral aspects will create a reduction of the electromagnetic frequency nearby thus allowing for increased human health.

Utilizing the grounding, or earthing, technology we will mitigate the EMF fields created by the standard electrical systems and electronic devices in our communities.  A building can be built with the standard electrical system constructed to current building code with all types of interconnected renewable energy and electrical supply.  The grounding technology comes into the structure as a secondary ground system, built similarly to the standard electrical system, but separate in its entirety.

The system may be enclosed in the walls and floors of the building.  A design application of a stripe or nodes of conductive material, connected to the grounding system, might be placed on the walls at a level reachable by all building occupants.  This could be metal plate, a decorative wire, or even crystal in suspension.  The purpose of this decorative feature will be to create additional surface area of the secondary grounding system.  Also, in theory, a person would be able to connect to the energies of the earth and be grounded by laying their hand on the decorative feature.  There are infinite applications of this decorative concept.

The secondary ground system will be anchored to multiple ground rods around the building and will have a full ground loop outside of the electrical system ground loop.   In addition, there will be larger, sculptural ground rods integrated into the landscape and public spaces around the building as decorative features.  These large ground rods will be specifically placed and designed to connect to concentrated areas of earth energy.  The public areas, walkways, and landscape design of the areas around the buildings and through the city can be designed with features shaped by sacred geometric consideration and in designs of sacred geometric patterns.  These designs and the large ground rods connected to the secondary ground system will mitigate the harmful EMF levels which are being produced.   A side effect of the secondary ground system may be increased overall health and wellness in the community at large.

The level of effect is currently unknown and will need to be researched as to how to appropriately measure the effects.  The ground system will be composed of conductive metals, minerals, and man-made compounds.  The practice of feng shui and divination will be applied in conjunction with conventional geo-sciences and technology to locate the best site for the sculptural and decorative grounding shapes.  These practices will also be engaged to determine the best construction site and orientation of buildings within the urban, suburban, fringe city, small town, and rural locations.

This construction of an EMF mitigating system in buildings and public areas should always be available for people to integrate into their building concepts.  The science and products of grounding and earthing technology should always be available for people to utilize in creation of products, technology applications, scientific studies, theoretical development, and any other consideration one might imagine.  In similar manner, the concepts of using crystals, minerals, or metals in suspension or otherwise grouped together should always be available to people to make anything that they can think of.

This material in suspension concept is common around the world as decorative objects and may be referred to as an orgone generator, among other names.  It will also be used to create art, trim pieces, and building applications where it does not impede or conflict with building code.

The application of this composite material will also assist in the mitigation of EMF and may possibly provide additional health and wellness in the community.  Research and testing of the effects of this material will need to be done in the same manner as above.

Subject matter may further be investigated here: 

Creative Commons License

Grounding and Earthing for All: Earth-energy connected Secondary Ground System may mitigate electro-magnetic frequency in areas of electrical installation; This concept and subsequent development of applications, ideas, and products is available to use publicly and privately for all time by David Benjamin Hults is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

Join the Evolution!

Have you noticed the strange feeling that everyone has lately?  The one that makes us hurry in our day, strain to get more done, try to be better, be more?  Some people say it is the way our society has developed and I would agree, but it is also due to something greater: Evolution. Join the Evolution!