Welcome! I am so excited you are here today! 

I think many people are missing the beauty and awesomeness of the world we live in.  I know that crazy weather, money, how we look, and social or class-level are issues in everyone’s minds, and I empathize with those suffering all manner of affliction.  Despite the overwhelming perception that this planet and its population are suffering or declining, I happily declare that it has never been a better time to be alive!


Optimistic?  Heck, yeah!

Passionate in the knowledge that there is hope and opportunity for all of us to be well and happy?  You betcha!

Einstein is given credit for offering 2 options for one’s outlook in life: nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle.

I believe that it is all miraculous! Every single, nano-atomic particle of the grand galactic existence. Miracles are everywhere – in the flight of birds, in the beating of your heart, in the action of technology, and in the systemic balance that guides moons around planets around suns.

Over the last 41 years I have been working to figure out the meaning of life and our purpose here, seeking to understand the whys and hows of our world.  Sounds crazy and boring?  Sometimes boring, sure.  However, when I look back in some amazement that I survived, the journey has been fascinating, exhilarating, and sometimes utterly depressing.  I have insight into the underbelly and the heights of our civilization and I am dedicated to helping you see that you are the most powerful thing around in the coolest place this side of the third dimension, and continuing to remember my own power as I light the way ahead.  I am passionate about finding ways to empower ourselves and make a better existence for all.

Sunrise 2 - ISS_HD_Live-20181105_071054

The 21st Century is awesome and in full swing.  Do not be waylaid by the chaos of the daily news and reports of confusion and violence the world over!  Change is healthy and sometimes requires reformatting, on a personal, planetary, and even civilization level.

We will be better humans for it!

The time is now to realize how good we have it on the planet and how much better we can make it by acknowledging and turning to all resources at hand.  Modern innovation is incredible and solutions have been found for many of our issues.  Ancient ways of thought are being proven valid which means that there are many more options for the general public to be healthy and wise.  Abundance in our world needs to be acknowledged and Alternative Life Guide will show you an alternative way to live today.

Flower of Life 1 Cropped

Sustainable, transformative, empowering, and excitingly unknown, the human body and mind are being mapped and perceived further than ever imagined.  We are understanding more fully  how a human operates and how to relearn or unlearn practices and beliefs which are not truly beneficial to our life or our civilization.
There are many people and organizations around the world who are embracing and promoting the knowledge which has been maintained for thousands of years by indigenous and advanced civilizations alike.  It is truly a new renaissance of human knowledge and creativity where humankind is embracing the full power and potential of being made in the Creator’s image.

Let us guide you to the better alternative, the way which leads to better health, self awareness, and personal empowerment in all areas of you.  Check out the blog posts, recommended teachers, websites, and training programs.  You will thank yourself to taking the path less traveled, for seeking the alternative life!

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